I am Giancarlo Frison, a software specialist with a solid track record in the design and implementation of systems used in banking, telecommunications, chemical, financial, and social media networks.

With 11 years of experience and expanding knowledge I envision to find right solutions — and in a general sense, transform data — translating business requirements into real products.

Project Proficiency

Methodologies  I orientate configuration-management set up and assist developers in adopting proper workflow in any given project via ‘scrum session’, applying agile principals. Relatedly I implement automated testing and engage domain driven design (DSL) languages for any given dedicated business purpose. I further implement general model languages (UML) for the purpose of generating code in model driven design.

Team coordination  Coaching and integrating team members through instilling, influencing, proposing and idea-share within technologies, and tools and application frameworks is among my approaches. Inspecting code artifacts – detecting shortcomings and suggesting improvements is added to achieve results.

Architecture suggestions  With a given domain and  goal to reach, I compare and contrast differing solutions, pointing out pros & cons for each. I have extensive experience through current and past projects and am up-and-ready to face and lead in a variety of contexts.

Development Setup I am adept in configuration-management set up, applying Git and Svn and can assist developers in adopting proper workflow in any given project.

Technical  Stack

Data storage Among others, I am versed in the relational databases: Mysql, Oracle, and their Java ORM framework layers: Hibernate and Spring Utilities and Gorm. I am adapt in Nosql storage systems such as Hbase, and Riak (for the handling of huge amounts of data). Data optimizations with Google Protocol Buffers or Avro.

Enterprise facilities Building modular application and link them through Enterprise Service Bus such as Camel, Mule ESB. Adopting JMS for messaging delivery, JMX for monitoring. Implementation of continuous integration system with Jenkins, Gradle, Maven.

Web attitudes I am adept in crating web applications utilizing grails, the Groovy based framework, and Javascript systems such as JQuery and Yahoo UI. I utilize HTTP Rest API for interprocess communications.

Work Experience

TechPeaks, Trento (it) – The People Accelerator – 6 months

Selected for attending the training program about digital entrepreneurship.

PayCo, Berlin (de) – E-payment for web sites – 6 months

Interfacing to payment gateways and enhancing backend software infrastructure.

WilliamHill Online, Gibraltar (uk) – Gambling – 6 months

Creating a distributed configuration management and service discovery system by means of Zookeeper. The project aimed to coordinate process pipelines for football events.

Chelab laboratories, Resana (it) – 9 months

The target goal is to create a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) handling samples lifecycle from acceptance to analysis result dispatch. The system save automatically instrumental analysis reports and perform calculations over them according to custom rules and legislations.
Further, I personally implement a modular application based on Camel ESB, exposing business process via Http Rest Api. Requirements included:
– Developing an Object Relational Mapping (ORM) for nosql databases: HBase and Riak; preservation of unstructured data and media files.
– Design and implementation of DSL (domain specific language) via Groovy, managing workflow and handling the underline storage system.
– Setup a continuous integration system and configuration management.
– Assisting and mentoring on Grails framework web development., Milano(it) – Real time messaging – 1 year

Set to task to build a messaging platform. The system aimed to serve Mobile and Web applications in order to dispatch SMS, Skebby messages; and provide several functionalities to the business demand, and high-throughput services.
Being highly scalable, the system reflects a composition of modules linked by ActiveMQ and handles SMS messaging for Skebby ecosystem. Durable and expandable, the platform further provides also public REST API, and allows the addition of further business communication process capabilities.

Quinary, Milano(it) – Software company –  2,5 years
Rebuilt entire SMS front-end application for Vodafone. It is a fault tollerant B2B sms platform. The project succeeded and the new application was 10 time faster than before. In particular I did:
– Reverse engineered preexisting packages and rebuilt utilizing Apache Mina
– Server designed by means of SpringFramework as IoC container; server management through JMX, EJB and by means of datasources handling.
– Decoupling components handled by JMS., Rotterdam (nl) – Social network – 1 year 
Member of server-side development team. Involved in building an XMPP client implementation. Project aims were to innovate a replacement of a main open source xmpp library smack, with the requirement that replacement be faster, easy to extend, and with a smaller memory footprint. Elements included:
– XMPP java implementation with connection pooling for server side applications (as webapps), thin XML parser, and java binding.
– Web service application. A Rest app for ajax clients, which now provides chat service to social networks with huge number of concurrent users, i.e. 200,000 or greater

Ats Italia, Milano(it) – Financial trading – 1 year
Created BrokerTec facility integration. enabling traders to access, in real time, trades of REPO market government securities.

Abla Italia, Milano(it) – Speech recognition and synthesis – 1 year
Implementation of an IVR for voice automation services of which to manage telephone dialogs. Elements included:
– Multimedia protocol implementation, thus, MRCP (the standard to provide a mechanism for recognizer/synthesizer speech processing) and RTP (audio/video streaming Real Time Protocol)
– Design and development of the VoiceXML interpreter and state-machine system, Used for dialogue management.

Sec Servizi Italia, Padova(it) – Banking – 3 years
– Integration – access to CICS Transaction Gateway through JCA
– Business Logic – service-oriented management framework.
– Web Presentation – developing of a Struts based Content Management System.
MDA (design model -oriented architecture). Involved the utilization of MDA concepts to refine a given process workflow – driving the control of systems interaction between developer and business manager.
– UML extensions (profiles), meta-models, model validation
– Development of plugins for Eclipse (Rational Software Architect)

Universitŕ degli studi di Padova Padova, Italia
Bachelor (3 years) in Computer Science – 1999

Istituto Tecnico Industrale Bassano del Grappa, Italia
Electrical Tecnician Diploma – 1995